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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign my player up for the season?

On the Snohomish Little League website homepage, select the “REGISTER” button in the top right corner. From there you will find instructions to create a profile for you and your player(s). Available programs will auto-populate for you to select, based on the age of your player(s).


When does registration open?

  • Spring: Late November through late January for upper divisions. Late November through late February for lower divisions.
  • Fall: Late July through mid-August
  • Sandlot: Late June

Please check the Snohomish Little League website for up-to-date announcements or follow the league on social media for all event/registration notifications; Facebook | Instagram


What are the season age-requirements?

  • Spring: League Ages 4-16
  • Fall: League Ages 4-16
  • Sandlot: League Ages 7-12
League age determination varies per program and division. More information can be found at the Little League International website.


How much does it cost?

Fees are based on season and division and can range from $100 for the lowest division to $300 for the highest division. Specific division pricing is available during registration.


Do you offer scholarships?

Scholarship information can be found at the Snohomish Little League website.


Which division is right for my player(s)?

Please visit the Snohomish Little League website baseball or softball pages or check the League Age Calculator to determine the correct division for your player.


What if my player is new to the game – will they still make a team and be able to compete?

All experience levels are encouraged and accepted. Snohomish Little League level-loads the teams with players of all abilities to nurture growth and love of the game.


What if my player doesn’t meet specific division age requirements but could be able to play? Can they play up a division?

If you believe your player should play up or down a division, or if you have questions about the division that is best for your player, please contact the Vice President of Baseball or the Vice President of Softball to discuss the situation and get registered in the proper division.


My local Little League isn’t hosting a season, or their teams are full. Do you allow players to variance into your league?

Snohomish Little League reviews variance requests on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to discuss the possibility of a variance, please reach out to League President for more information on rules and processes.


What is your refund policy?

Snohomish Little League will issue refunds for registration fees according to the following schedule, where the date listed is the last day to receive the associated percentage: 

  • 100% Refund: All Divisions, prior to first practice.
  • 50% Refund: After practices have begun.

    *All refund requests will incur a 5% processing fee based on your players total fee.
    Please email your refund request to [email protected].


Can my player be placed on a team with their friends?

For Tee Ball and Rookie divisions, teammate requests can be made within registration or via email [email protected]. The League will make every effort to honor friend requests. No requests can be made for AA/89ers divisions and above. These teams will all be a part of a draft process to balance out experience and skill levels within every team.


When do the seasons begin and how long do they run?

  • Spring: Practices begin in late February for the upper divisions and late March for the lower divisions. All Spring program games extend to mid-June.
  • Little League All-Stars: Selections and practices begin in May and the District 1 tournament extends through mid-July
  • Sandlot: Mid-July to Mid-August
  • Fall: Late August to mid-October


How often will we have games and practices?

Upper division teams should expect 2-3 events per week (practices and games), lower division teams should expect 1-2 events per week, and Tee Ball 1 will have only 1 event per week. We encourage you to download the GameChanger App to keep up-to-date on your player's schedule - you must use the same email address that you registered with. Any issues or questions can be directed to [email protected].

Where are games & practices held?

Practices and home games are held at the Snohomish Little League complex in Snohomish. There are currently 17 fields.
During both the Spring and Fall baseball and softball seasons, teams may be involved in interleague play, which would require travel to other leagues throughout District 1 (D1). There are 13 Leagues in D1, which covers most of Snohomish county.


What are the equipment & uniform requirements?

Equipment information for baseball and softball will be updated as soon as Snohomish Little League determines the uniform choices for the 2023 season. The league provides coaches with extra equipment when necessary. Basic equipment includes:


  • Jersey and Hat (to be provided as part of the registration fee)
  • Baseball pants (gray)
  • Baseball belt (navy)
  • Baseball socks (navy)
  • Athletic supporter or equivalent brief for boys (required)
    • Athletic cups are required for boy catchers
  • Ball glove
  • Batting gloves (if desired)
  • Bats (if desired)
    • Baseball bats must meet the USABat Standard for Tee Ball, Minor, and Major Divisions (Rule 1.10) and must have the USA sticker affixed
    • Baseball bats must meet the USABat Standard or BBCOR for Intermediate, Junior, and Senior Divisions (Rule 1.10)
    • Visit for more information
  • Batting helmet
    • Each player must be responsible for their own helmet. Helmets may not be shared.
  • Rubber-soled cleats (for Major Division and below)
  • Backpack or equipment bag (if desired)



  • Jersey and socks (to be provided by the league as part of the registration fee)
  • Softball pants (navy)
  • Softball belt (scarlet)
  • Ball glove
  • Batting gloves (if desired)
  • Bats (if desired)
  • Batting helmet
    • Each player must be responsible for their own helmet. Helmets may not be shared.
  • Rubber-soled cleats (for Major Division and below)
  • Backpack or equipment bag (if desired)


What will my player need to purchase for their uniforms?

Jerseys, hats (for baseball and tee ball), and socks (for all softball divisions) are included in the registration price. Details on pants and other accessories are listed below.

  • Softball pants (navy)
  • Softball belt (scarlet)

Baseball & Tee Ball
  • Baseball pants (gray)
  • Baseball belt (navy)
  • Baseball socks (navy)


What size jersey should I get for my player?

Jersey sizing can be found here - CHAMPRO Sizing Guide

Do you have spare equipment for use during the season?

Snohomish Little League can provide equipment upon request. This includes – but is not limited to –  bats, gloves, helmets, and catcher’s gear. You can reach out to the League Equipment Director for more information.


Can I order Snohomish Little League gear online?
Once Snohomish Little League determines the uniform choices for the current year, items may be available for purchase online.


Why aren’t dogs allowed on the property, even in the parking lot?

The Snohomish Little League baseball and softball complex is private property, owned and maintained by the League. For insurance reasons, pets are not allowed on any part of the property, which includes the entire complex. Any questions or concerns, including support or guide pet considerations, can be sent to [email protected].

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