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SLL Spring 2024 game schedules are being developed. For those kid-pitch games (89ers softball and AA baseball and higher) that have been scheduled, volunteers can now sign up for games they would like to umpire. As a general rule, the home team will supply the plate umpire, and the visiting team will supply the field umpire. Here is how to sign up:

  1. Open the SLL Umpire Sign Up Google Sheets document.
  2. Select the "softball" or "baseball" tab, depending which you would like to umpire.
  3. Review the schedule and select the team and times you would like to umpire.
  4. Sign up for your team! Please include a p[hone number or email address so I can contact you if I need to. 

For coaches of teams in Majors baseball or softball, Intermediate baseball, or Juniors baseball or softball, you can see a snapshot of the Umpires Northwest schedule here

The best way to learn about field closures quickly is to test "SLLFields" to 1-833-676-2021. This will get you onto the notification chain for field updates.

Local Rules: AA baseball and 89ers softball   |   AAA baseball and minors softball

Contact Jeff at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Umpire Resources

Some materials are available on the Snohomish Umpire Google Drive folder.

Snohomish Little League Umpire Manual - A condensed version of basic umpire mechanics, including some tips on game management.

Other materials, videos, and resources are available on the Rules and Mechanics subpages.

Little League Bat rules: There have been questions about what bats are permitted to be used in Little League play. To help coaches, parents, and umpires, SLL has put together a quick guide to Little League bat requirements (both baseball and softball).

Umpire Discounts! Save 10% at Gerry Davis Sports by using coupon code "LLTEN"

Other options for umpire gear are Ump-AttireHonig'sAmazon, Out West Officials, and Epic Sports.


Snohomish Little League Umpire-in-Chief:  Jeff Kallstrom


District 1 ADA Umpire-in-Chief: Regina Boyd

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